What is coaching?

Coaching is a unique relationship and process in which the client is in charge of driving the change in his or her own life. It originates from the starting point that the client is whole and well as they are in the present moment, and that they have within themselves all they need to move toward their goals and dreams. The coach is a partner who helps the client identify, focus upon, and create a path to achieve those goals.

ADHD Coaching takes coaching a step further, to provide education about the characteristics and particular struggles of living with ADHD, and provides more structure and opportunity for accountability than traditional life coaching.

Coaching is not unlike the relationship between Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz—where the Wizard reminds Dorothy and her friends that they have always had within them the things for which they have been searching.

Having ADHD and trying to find your way in a world that doesn’t understand you is like trying to find your way through Oz. Click ADHD Services doesn’t have a bag of trinkets to give you or even a pair of ruby slippers, but we can help you find and use the wisdom, passion and courage you already possess. Once you learn to harness these, they can take you anywhere (clicking your heels together is encouraged, but optional).

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